About Porkipine

Why Porkipine

In the fast paced world supply often falls short of the demand. And therefore chemicals & fertilizers are the easiest to fall back on. Unfortunately it is also the root cause to most of the illnesses around.

Our topmost priority is your health. And that is why we bring to you the choicest pork meat that’s completely organic from farm to fork! The farms we procure our meat from share with us details of the livestock’s living conditions, health care including antibiotics & vaccines, feed including supplements and additives, water and even the manure quality of the crop with certified ‘zero pesticide’ and ‘zero insecticide’ used.


We understand that we need to monitor the entire chain and hence slaughtering and transportation of the livestock is equally important. We ourselves do certain tests to check the livestock’s ultimate pH value and water holding capacity. We monitor every parameter to make sure that the meat on your plate is completely safe and meet our organic standards.

Whats Porkipine

Porkipine is the only online retail store in Delhi procuring pork meat from the farms in Uttar Pradesh. We understand that meat consumption should be healthy and hygienic. And therefore we consciously choose our livestock from certified farms that keep their livestock in clean environment and do not let them stray in local surroundings picking food. Instead these farms make sure to provide their livestock dry feed. The certification by the state government also ensures that the livestock is not injected with growth hormone and are regularly checked by veterinarians.


By procuring our livestock from the source itself, we make sure that we also control the entire supply chain in order to keep supply constant while keeping the rates at bay. Our specialized front running choppers are well trained by the industry chefs in order to provide you the right cut!  We make sure that our cold cuts are also made from farm pork meat. Our processes use high-end technology and machines imported from Sweden. Our wide range of cold cuts are low in sodium giving you a healthier option.

Our Vision

We aspire to understand our customer’s smallest needs, anticipate future opportunities and customize our products to the high standards of our clients.

Our Mission

At Porkipine, we believe in not just consistently delivering high quality products to our customers but also delivering value, reliability and trust.

Our aim is to inspire and delight our customers by constant innovation and this is what made us create, perhaps India’s first retailer that procures pork meat from the farms. Our strength lies in providing the best quality at the lowest cost, through effective use of resources and technology. We aim to be valued partners working with our customers and suppliers setting industry standards for others to follow.

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