Where to get best pork meat in India

Where to get best pork meat in India

Are you searching online to get best pork meat in India? Worry not, A product is as good as it’s perceived! This adage works quite well with pork products in India. For over a century we have been seeing pigs eating filth and dirt on our roads. So much so that we have been made to literally believe that you can’t be ‘as dirty as a pig!’ But where does this saying come from? Like Peppa, pigs love to jump and roll in muddy puddles. But mind you, these tiny beasts may look dirty, however, rolling in mud only serves their purpose of keeping cool as they lack sweat glands. So much for saying, ‘sweating like a pig!’

While across the world people understood the taste and nutritional value pork can provide, India has kept its eyes shut on it. Only a few who have travelled across the world do understand and acknowledge the fact that pork is arguably the tastiest and versatile meat available to humanity. Be it pork chops, ham, sausages, salami or bacon; it is undoubtedly a gourmet’s delight. Pork meat is also an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals including thiamine, zinc, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, niacin, phosphorus and iron. 

Where to get best pork meat in India

For the uninitiated, animal food too contains a number of bioactive substances other than vitamins and minerals and pork meat once again wins our vote as it packs all essential nutrients that you would otherwise get only if you consume a variety of meat. Creatine functions as an energy source for your muscle. It is a popular supplement among bodybuilders suggested to improve muscle growth and maintenance. Taurine is mostly found in fishes and of course pork. An antioxidant amino acid, its consumption benefits the heart and muscle. Glutathione is another such antioxidant whose role is still a mystery as a nutrition.  

Due to the ‘farm’ meat’s non-availability in India, it has been highly priced for the upmarket consumers. Hence, in India you can either choose to consume a roadside pig or spend that extra penny and buy extremely hygienic well packaged farm pork meat. Right?

Wrong. With the serge of startups who challenge literally everything in the existing ecosystem, this meat too has come under great focus. The idea is to question as to why the globetrotters of India are denied this gourmet specialty by hiking the price so much so that it remains elusive to many? In fact, because of exports many farms have been developed in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and West Bengal. While North India raises 90% of the pigs of India; the pig farms are providing livelihood to more than half a million of our population! The affordability of dry feed export quality pork is now a reality.

And brands like Porkipine are committed to bring you the best pork meat in India especially Delhi/NCR region and dispel the age old adages surrounding this livestock that’s certainly the lifeline of the global palate. Quality driven, affordable, hygienic and a range of specialty items for all kinds of dishes; it is time to brace this illusive gourmet item with élan. Next time don’t piggyback on the old beliefs, instead make sure to pig out with a fork! Because with Pork, it’s always Porkier the Better!!!  

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