How to Buy Best Pork meat online Delhi

How to Buy Best Pork meat online Delhi

How many times have you Googled ‘Pork meat shop near me?’ or ‘Pork meat online Delhi’ or even ‘Pork online Delhi’. Did you manage to find anything interesting? Were you really able to get the right cut for your perfect recipe? Were you looking for that pork chops which blended perfectly with its rendered fat when cooked or the lesser fatty perfectly shaped belly and were disappointed? Why is pork chopped so sloppily in India? Why are cuts with meat so versatile never good enough? Well, these are questions that have often haunted many of us who just want to have a great meal with lesser effort put in. Unfortunately till recently this meat has either been too expensive in the name of ‘imported meat’ or too cheap to believe that it can pass your litmus test of health and hygiene. And despite the price, was the meat even worth spending that exorbitant amount? All these questions boil down to one single rephrasing, “where do you get the best pork meat in Delhi/NCR? 

This huge void has been a precursor to many-a-startups who have realized the need of the market and the unavailability of the product. Porkipine is one such brand that promises to provide you with clean, hygienic, un-tampered, dry feed livestock with no growth hormone, export quality farm pork at an affordable price. That too at your doorstep! There is a distinct need for a specialized store in the national capital region. Flaunting about 50 pork products, perhaps the highest in any store, their specialized butchers know the art of literally carving out the best piece for you, helping you customize your cut for your perfect dish.

The staff is periodically trained by self-motivated butchers from Switzerland and Australia whose primary meat is pork. Who’d know better about pork than them after all! Another USP is that you can get anything and everything of this livestock including heart, stomach, liver & spleen, head, trotters/hock, intestines and a lot more to satiate your exotic palate. The smoked meat and the pickles are a treasure trove from the Northeast of India by which you can taste the culinary authentic spice mix and flavors of the traditional slow curated recipes. For the uninitiated Northeast India too consumes pork as the primary meat and therefore have experimented and perfected the art of creating magic out of this meat. 

In the cold cut section, the sausages guarantee 70% meat and 30% fat with no additives to fill its weight. Our sausages use organic animal casings, rare to find in Delhi/NCR. This product too is handcrafted by chefs from the hotel industry. Therefore, Porkipine often keeps limited additions to our products in this category. The bacon with its original taste, tenderloins and honey cured ham make your breakfast super yummy. And to top it all, the traditional charcoal smoked pork lends that authentic aroma to your perfect Asian dish. So next time instead of typing, “Pork meat around me?” type out Porkipine and place your order! Because with Pork, it’s always Porkier the Better!!!

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