How To Tell If Pork Meat Is Bad

How To Tell If Pork Meat Is Bad

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – this adage is certainly outdated with the line of gender biases thinning with time. However culinary delight is definitely a great way to reach out to any foodie. The experimental foodie does understand the subtleties of a dish which in turn has many factors governing the food in question. For a meat lover it is important to understand not just the hygiene of the kitchen where the food is cooked but also the fact if the meat being cooked is rotten or fresh! Unfortunately, extra spices can camouflage the smell and taste of rotten meat. Not much can be controlled when eating outside. 

However, for home cooking you can have greater control over what meat you are using. While buying pork you may choose to buy the best pork meat in Delhi/NCR but you need to know how to check its freshness when it arrives on your kitchen table. Please remember that meat does have a shelf life and if not consumed on time, it may develop harmful enzymes, bacteria and microbes that certainly are not good for your health. With larger animal meat like pork, it’s difficult to assess its freshness. 

How To Tell If Pork Is Bad

As a word of caution, always cook pork to a minimum of 145 degrees fahrenheit to avoid foodborne illnesses. Try buying fresh and consuming leftover pork within 2-3 days if stored properly. We suggest you go by some distinct parameters like how the pork looks. When pork is no longer good, you will notice that it is dull in colour and can look greyish. The inside may be pink but any dulling, do toss it out of your kitchen. Ideal pork meat is darker in colour than chicken and lighter than buff. If the fat colour shows streaks of yellow, it’s another indication of pork getting spoiled. The rule holds true for all cuts be it pork chops, fresh bacon strips, belly or any other part of pork. The second clear indicator is the smell of the meat. It is important to note that pork has no smell at all. There may be little odour depending on the humidity in the weather though. However, your meat should be devoid of smell. The third underlining fact is that pork is never slimy to touch nor too dry. When pressed it should come back to shape and should be firm to touch.  

This said, it is important where you buy your pork. Porkipine is a name synonymous to providing you with clean, hygienic, un-tampered, dry feed livestock with no growth hormone, export quality farm pork at an affordable price. The start-up is known to do random tests on their meat for its pH value, salt content and water retention, as quality checks for the meat’s freshness. 

Do remember, eating bad pork is likely to get you a foodborne illness called Trichinosis resulting in stomach pains, vomiting, diarrhoea, fever or chills and hence a careful selection from where you pick your pork meat is of utmost importance.  

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